About Us


Nev Akers Auto is a trusted and long standing name in the Cairns automotive and mechanic industries.  Servicing and serving the Cairns vehicles and customers throughout the region for over 45 years, since 1968.

Nev built his business around good old fashioned service, trust and reliability as a motor mechanic. He valued your vehicle and how much you relied on it as much as you do, and his work was second to none.

Handing the reigns over to his protege, Don, Nev Akers Auto remains a top location for all automotive service and repair.  Donovan Valinoti, as did Nev, believes that trusting your mechanic with your motor vehicle is paramount, as well as giving you the best possible service for you and your vehicle.

You can be sure that Nev Akers Auto, with your mechanics Donovan and Matt, will deliver fast reliable and on time mechanical repairs and servicing for your vehicle.

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